When I Can Come To You?

Proper grooming is an essential part of every dog’s health and hygiene, but it no longer requires a stressful trip
– for you or your pet – to a salon. With Pet Styles In Motion, the groomer comes to you.

Why Mobile?

Yes, I understand that mobile dog grooming isn’t cheap. The facts to consider when you decide on mobile are:

  • Convenience
  • One-on-one bonding with your dog
  • Calmer environment (verses all the stimuli in a shop environment)
  • Your beloved dog will not sit in a kennel before and after the groom.
  • No car rides - Some Fido’s hate the car.
The van carries 50 gallons of clean hot water. There is an additional 50 gallon tank for the dirty water. The grooming salon is fully, temperature controlled for the various seasons of New England. The bathing system is referred to as a Super Sudser, where we only use all natural products. This system leaves your dog with a deeply cleaned coat. Pet Styles In Motion uses a warm, high velocity dryer for a thoroughly dry and fluffy, Fido. The van is equipped with an electric table, that lowers to six inches from the floor.